Tuesday, May 21, 2013

#BBQ in #Santa Clarita

A drive to Walmart leads us to a BBQ joint in Santa Clarita. Why did we drive so far? Well, the closest wally word is in Panaroma City and, who wants to go there? Anyway, of course we were hungry and decided to catch some lunch in the area. While driving around the O.C. -esque strip mall and a multitude of Jon' s peeps, we came across a BBQ joint called Rattler's BBQ. The name had me at, BBQ! Before you know it, we were rushing to the door. It's amazing how Jon and I conveniently forget our promise to eat healthy. For a second, we thought about it but heck, it's Sunday! Who starts a diet on a Sunday anyway?! Right?
We are immediately greeted by a friendly host and told it would be about 5 minutes. I notice the place is crowded. This could be a good sign. The decor is very country, artsy boots surround the windows and are displayed throughout the dining area.  I immediately say to Jon, " We can make these!" Ha! Imagine the look on his face. Anyway, we are seated quickly. I take a deep breath. Mmmmm the smell of BBQ! My fav! The smell reminds me of the good ole days when Kentucky Fried Chicken served BBQ chicken. The dejavu is interrupted by a cowgirl walking by the table. Interesting. Does she really own and ride horses or is this a fashion statement. Living in LA all my life, I quickly assume the latter.
OK. Back to the menu. Everything looks good and very typical of a BBQ joint. Ribs, chicken, burgers. What do I choose? After reviewing the menu,  Jon and I look at each other with regret as our tummy growls with pleasure. This was not a good choice. How could we eat healthy here? What a dilemma!
Well, we chose to stay ( of course) and ordered the BBQ chicken salad and the nachos. Healthy combination right? We had no choice. Either the ribs or the nachos. I mean, who eats at a BBQ joint and not try the BBQ sauce. So, we went with it.
Now this is the part where we provide our feedback on the food. Let's start with the salad. Although it was a large, it looked like more of a small. Iceberg is cheap. It should have been larger. The salad came with chicken, beans and corn but there was more salad than any of the toppings. The chicken was cubed and it looked like the cubed chicken from a can. I would have preferred strips of chicken grilled with a hint of BBQ. Now, don't get me wrong! It wasn't a bad salad but I have had better ones. You' re probably asking, "why did you order the salad?" Trust me, I am asking the same question, now.
Moving right along. The nachos were big! Now, I have had many nachos in my time and I can say these were one of the best I have eaten. The chips were light, smothered with their signature BBQ chili, cheese and sour cream. The BBQ chili was flavorful and delicious. It was an interesting twist on typical nachos that are usually dressed with guacamole and fake melted cheese. Don't get me wrong I love Velvetta and government cheese but it does have its place. Of course, I think Jon could make it better but, we all know I am biased.
In summary, if you decide to go to Rattler's BBQ, make sure you're not on a diet. Pass on the salad and go for anything with the BBQ sauce. Oh, and they have a full bar. If anything, stop by and have a drink.

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