Tuesday, May 21, 2013

We are here to #BLOG!!!!

We decided to create this blog...actually "I" decided to create this blog to write about things we LOVE.....hate...annoy us...amuse us, etc.. Well, you get the picture. Jon and I have been married for almost two years now. We have known each other for over 4 years...he would probably be more specific, 4 years, 5 months and 18 hours. Since meeting, we have shared many common likes and dislikes. We have also realized there are alot of things that annoy the hell out of us. We always run across the random crazy person, stupid people, douchebag and our immediate reaction (well MY reaction) is. "We should take a picture and blog about this!!!!!" Yes, with excitement!

So, this is my idea. Pick a handful of topics and write about it. This is how the thought process occurred:

1. Jon loves to cook. I LOVE eating food. 1st topic= FOOD

#FOOD: Discuss new recipes or anything Jon creates in the kitchen including things I love to eat. This will not be diet centric as I stated above, we both love all types of food. Yes, we decided to live more of a vegetarian life but really? I am Puerto Rican and Jon is from the Midwest, so we love our meat. We will also be posting our own restaurant reviews. Why, when there are so many?  Well, because they ALL suck!  When we married 2 years ago, we had to relocate to the OC. Since we were new in town, we had to depend on recommendations from friends and online reviews.  Including reviews from well-known hosts from the food channel, especially from one guy with spiky blond hair. I can’t tell you how many times we were disappointed.  So, I got tired of it and decided we would write about our experience.  Of course, we are not experts. Jon has been in the food industry for over 15 years and, did I mention, I love to eat?   I think we can do a better job than online foodies. Of course, Jon will focus on the flavor, the consistency of the meal and I will be more focused on the cleanliness, bathroom and customer service.

2. Jon has been a free spirit and has done some traveling. I have lived more of a restricted life and have not really been to many places. 2nd topic= TRAVEL

#TRAVEL: There are a lot of places I never been to.  For example, before meeting Jon, I have never been camping.  Yes, NEVER!  Growing up in south la poor and raised by a single mother, we never had the time nor money to go camping. Heck, we thought camping was either for rich people or for the homeless.  The closest to camping we ever got was bringing in a metal trash can filled with gas charcoal into our living room and standing around to keep us warm. YUP! We were those types of Hispanics who did that! GOOD TIMES!  At the time, we thought it was a great idea. STOP JUDGING! Anyway, the moral of the story is that Jon and I will be picking a random spot on the map and taking a trip to that location.  We welcome suggestions from our followers.

3. Jon likes to work with his hands and I don't know how many times I have said, "I have the best invention!". 3rd topic= CONSTRUCTION & FABRICATION.

#CONSTRUCTION & FABRICATION: We just moved back to Los Angeles (Yay!) to a big house. Since moving, all I can think about is home improvement and all the cool things I can have Jon make for me.  Of course, Jon is thinking, “get the garage clean and organized so I can start working on building my bikes”. So to compromise, this topic will include both and let’s not forget any crazy invention or ideas I come up with. Poor Jon!

4. Jon likes to try things at least once. I have been more cautious and conservative in my life. Since I have adapted a new outlook on life, my go to statement has been " WTF!, I can do that!". 4th topic=

Don’t you always read about something in the paper on the internet or see on TV that you think, what were they thinking?  Well, I decided before judging, I would at least try it.  For example, a festival that includes a food fight.  Stupid right?  Well, I am going to try it at least once and record it.  Heck, I might even have fun and enjoy it.  So yes, this topic will be about stupid things BUT it will also include the idiot/ douchebag/ moron of the week.  If you want to challenge us, send us some suggestions on things we should try. Please note, we will not try anything that is life threatening!

5. Picture this. Pit stop at CVS before a camping trip to picek up toiletries. Walked down an aisle and a toy lizard is in the middle of the aisle of the floor. I kept walking passed it but I felt it was calling to me. 5th topic- Our traveling Gnome, UNCLE FLOTRELL.
#UNCLE FLOTRELL: Plain and simple. He’s our traveling gnome.  We’re taking him along for the ride and documenting his life.

So, here’s to a happy, fun life! READY, SET, GO!!!!

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